To set up your growth projection, you will need:

  1. Your funnel steps defined

  2. Numbers for each of your funnel steps for the last month (these can be approximate)

  3. To know which of your funnel steps represents your team goal

  4. What your goal is (the number you aiming for)

  5. What month you want to achieve the goal by

We suggest having your funnel data on hand to speed up the process.

Note: you may have already complete steps 1 and 2 when creating your goal. You will go straight to step 3.

Step 1 & 2: Defining your funnel

If you have not already defined your funnel steps (for example when you were importing campaigns), you can select a template by using the "Industry" drop down, or you can rename the steps and add/remove steps manually to best represent your internal terminology and flow:

Your funnel numbers should be representative of your most recent month of data. This gives us a picture of where you are right now. You can make these more accurate later, or connect an integration to keep these numbers up to date automatically.

Step 3: Defining your goal

Next, you'll need to tell us which of your funnel steps represents your goal:

Step 4: Adding a goal number

Now we'll need to define what we are aiming for. Don't worry if you don't have the final number here. An estimation will do, and you can always edit it later:

Step 5: Selecting a date by which to achieve the goal

The final step is selecting a date from the calendar icon to represent when you want to reach your goal.

Click "Save goal" and we'll generate your growth projection 🎉

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