The beating heart of TrueNorth is your funnel.

Recreating your marketing funnel accurately in TrueNorth will allow you to:

  • generate a Growth Projection to align your company on your growth goals

  • map your campaign results to your funnel steps

  • auto-calculate your campaign ROI using up to date funnel values

This is why we ask you to define your funnel before you import campaigns or create a growth projection.

As the funnel is central to everything you do in TrueNorth (and to maximise what you'll get out of the platform from the set up) it is important to start with a correct funnel.

Think of this as a foundation or building blocks to the rest of your set up.

Aspects of the funnel can be changed later (for example, the names of the steps, the order), but getting it right upfront will speed up your onboarding.

More funnel set up help

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