In TrueNorth there is a management page for all your integrations which will allow you to disconnect your integration completely.

⚠️ Please note, if you disconnect an integration from here:

  • you will no longer sync any connected data from the funnel or campaigns for that service

  • data for the funnel and campaigns will be lost, all results will need to be added manually

  • reconnecting the same (or another) integration will require you to go to each funnel step or campaign you want to connect manually

Please use this feature only if you wish to fully remove the integration and its data from TrueNorth, or you want to authenticate the integration with a completely different account.

Here are some alternative suggestions to help manage any set up errors:

For campaigns:

If you have imported campaigns in error, you can bulk delete from the timeline without disconnecting an integrations

If you have imported from the wrong account, you can simply click "Previous" when presented with the bulk import campaign selection screen, this will allow you reselect the account / view:

In this instance, if you have already imported campaigns from the wrong account, we suggest deleting existing campaigns first and going through the bulk import again

For funnel steps:

  • If you have connected the wrong data to your funnel steps, that can be easily changed in the Funnel Setup. There are two options:

    • Remap to a new integration -- simply click to select a new data source to connect the funnel node to. We will backfill any data available from the start of your projection to now.

    • Delete the data -- if you wish to no longer track this funnel node via integration, this is the option to use. Please note, it will delete all past data in deleting the integration. You will be able to add data in manually however.

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