A campaign is any piece of marketing activity you want to track individually.

Campaigns consist of:

  • Timeframe: a start and end date

  • Integrations: You can connect your campaign to an integration to sync data

  • Channel: Select a marketing channel to assign to your campaign. You can also create custom channels.

  • Labels: Group together your campaigns with custom labels, and view them grouped in the timeline

  • Results: Track your overall campaign performance against your funnel steps

  • Goals: defined by you, what do you want this campaign to achieve and how much do you want to spend. Filling this data in unlocks an expected ROI calculation and a campaign contribute % (how much will this campaign contribute to your goal in the timeframe)

  • ROI calculation: as soon as we have results for the campaign (and you have a growth projection set up) we can calculate the ROI of the campaign. Calculations will update as more results are added, but we take the campaign spend, revenue and the value of the bottom-most funnel step available to keep your calculation up to date.

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