You will need:

✅ A funnel

✅ Some campaigns; ideally live campaigns with results

Keep scrolling to see a breakdown of the data required.

A funnel

What specifically do I need?

What does this mean?

Funnel steps

What does your path from visitor to revenue look like? For example:





Last months funnel numbers

An estimation for your funnel data for the last complete month:

During set up, you can also sync data the following to make the data more accurate (and ensure that its always up to date):

  • Google Analytics (map everything in your funnel from traffic to revenue via goal-defined metrics (if you have it)

  • Hubspot (map your pipeline or lifecycle stages to your top/mid-funnel stages)

  • Stripe (map your gross or net revenue to your revenue step)

We fetch data daily, so you’ll always have the most up to date data to track your progress though the month

Please note, when you sign up your account will have a demo funnel, which you can either reset or customise.


How do I create a campaign?

What does this mean?

Import your data from an external source

We currently support Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and Hubspot

See below for links to learn more

Creating a campaign manually

Importing your own campaigns is the quickest way to see how TrueNorth can work for you, but if you’d prefer not to (or for any other reason), you can create some test campaigns manually

To make a campaign appear on your timeline:

✅ Create a campaign

✅ Give it a name

✅ Add some dates that your campaign might be live for (this will make sure it shows up on timeline)

If you want to see how we track results and generate and ROI for a current or past campaign:

✅ Add a number next to the funnel step you would normally track with this type of data, e.g. 60 Sign Ups

✅ Add in how much you would typically spend for this campaign

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